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 ।।। विद्या ददाति विनयम ।।। 

( Vidya Dadaati Vinyam )


The Knowledge Which Liberates.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a life time.

Vedic Healers Ayurveda Training Institute has started Ayurveda Basic Foundation courses in May 2009 for the better understanding of Ayurveda and to prevent the misconception about the subject. Apart from the Ayurveda Basic courses, Ayurveda Certificate courses around Delhi, ayurvedic medicine school, ayurveda cooking school, ayurvedic massage training​

we  provide Customised Ayurveda courses according to the need, time and interest.  We have inducted Ayurveda distance learning programmes on various health related subjects. Since 2009 many international students have undergone AYURVEDA TRAINERS COURSE. 

This is awareness era, human race is understanding value of ecology, environment and everything which is deeply rooted in our DNA and is natural. Yoga is coming up as major part of this growing awareness. At Vedic Healers we are very positive about this growing awareness of Health and Ecosystem as more and more people are understanding the difference between passion and business. That's why many are able to demarcate genuine work. With this thought we are going to introduce our much awaited YOGA TEACHERS TRAINIG COURSES from January 2020.


At Vedic Healers we have regular group classes. Once in a week we organise open class too. We allow drop in students after prior permission. More information you can ask by mail or at our latest page.

 We’re here to help you with all your needs. Get in touch by phone or email to book an appointment, to ask questions or to find out more information.