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We care utmost for our clients needs. All products and herbal medicines recommended and prescribed at Vedic Healers have passed through trials, tests and experience. We don’t push the sale of the products at the cost of our clients faith. 


Name of Drug -- Indications

  Abhayarishtam-- Hemorrhoids, constipation, oedema, Urinary obstructions, indigestion, intestinal worms, anorexia, ascetics.

Amritharishtam --Fever, typhoid, malaria, rakhthavatham.

AsokarishtamAmenorrhoea, Uterine hemorrhage, vaginal diseases, bleeding, piles, fever, oedema.

Aswagandharishtam -- Mental diseases, loss of memory, giddiness, epilepsy, insomnia.

Balarishtam --All types of rheumatism.

Dandyarishtam -- indigestion, spruce, urinary obstruction, Anorexia.

rishtamParalysis, facial paralysis, fever, tuberculosis, vomiting, vaginal diseases, epilepsy, hernia.

Dasamoolarishtam--- General weakness, spruce, anemia, cough, tuberculosis, vomiting, dysurea, jaundice, calculus.

Dasamoolarishtam Spl.---General weakness, sterility

HridayasanthiHypertension, cholesterol, chest pain, bronchitis, cough, tuberculosis

JeerakarishtamPuerperal fever, fatigue, nutritional deficiency, cough, dysponea, flatulence, spruce, diarrhea, indigestion

KhadirarishtamSkin diseases, leprosy, heart disease, anemia, diseases of spleen malignant tumors, skin diseases due to blood toxemia

KudajarishtamBleeding piles, bleeding per rectum, spruce, amoebic and bacillary dysentery.

MridweekarishtamTuberculosis, bronchitis, anemia, cough, diseases of throat, anorexia, fatigue, traumatic infections of chest, exert ional dysponea

MustharishtamSpruce, diarrhea, loss of appetite, gastric enteritis, amoebic and bacillary dysentery.

ParthadyarishtamAll heart diseases, bronchitis and bronchiectasis, nostalgia

arasamDiabetes, fatigue, nervous and metabolic disorders.

rishtamConvulsions and hysteria, anxiety neurosis, insomnia, weak memory, depression, idiopathic epilepsy

UdarasudhaPeptic ulcer, indigestion, hemorrhoids, worm infestation, anorexia, urinary obstructions.

VasarishtamCough, bronchitis, haemoptysis, hoarseness of voice


Name of Drug


AravindasavamPediatric general tonic, abdominal distention, colic, anorexia.

ChandanasavamLeucorrhoea and dysurea in ladies. Also indicated in spermatorrhoea and premature ejaculation in men.

KanakasavamAll types of cough, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, haemoptysis, relapsing fever, inflammation and infection of chest due to trauma.

KumaryasavamHepatosplenomegaly, jaundice, urinary and bleary calculi, abdominal colic, dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, irregular periods, spermatolysis, spermaturea, anorexia

LohasavamAnemia of various etiology, anorexia, spruce, haemorhoids, bronchitis, exertional dyspnoea, ischaemic heart disease, hepatosplenomegaly, oedema, ascitis

NimbasavamEczema, scabies, pruritus, urticaria, allergic dermatitis, varicose-ulcer, fistula, luecoderma, arthritis, anemia, jaundice, worms infestation

PunarnavasavamLocalized and generalized oedema, anemia, ascetic, hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice, hyper acidity, dysurea

SaribadyasavamLeucorrhoea, pyurea, gonococcal infection, virginities, backache, anorexia

SudarsanasavamAll types of fever especially in viral fever, relapsing fever, enteric fever


Name of Drug


Ashtavargam KashayamAll types of rheumatic diseases, lumbago, sciatica, neuralgia, hyper tension.

Brahathyadi KashayamDiuretic, urinary obstructions, calculus

Chiruvilvadi KashayamHemorrhoids internal and external with or without bleeding, and fissures, constipation.

Dasamoolakaduthrayam KashayamBronchitis, bronchiectasis, common cold, promotes expectoration, traumatic inflammation of chest.

Dhanwantharam KashayamAll types of rheumatism, facial paralysis, prolapsed uterus, puerperal fever, inguinal hernia, dysurea, numbness, neuralgia.

Dhanadanayanadi KashayamBells palsy, Parkinson’s, hemiplegia, monologue.

Drakshadi KashayamAnemia, jaundice, alcoholism, hypothermia, giddiness, fainting, vomiting, haemetemisis, mental diseases, burning sensation of abdomen.

Elakanadi KashayamPulmonary tuberculosis, cough, cold, costalgia, anorexia, body-ache.

Gandharvahasthadi KashayamHabitual constipation, sciatica, lumbago, anorexia, impaired functioning of gastro intestinal tract.

Gulguluthikthakam KashayamVarious types of bacterial and fungal infections, eczema, candidacies, psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, sinusitis.

Indukantham KashayamEnteric fever, relapsing fever, malarial fever, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, anorexia, dyspepsia, general debility.

Karappan KashayamScabies, pruritus, impetigo, abscess, infantile eczema, constipation indicated for children.

Mahamanjishtadi KashayamMahamanjishtadi Kashayam.

Maharasanadi KashayamAll types of rheumatism, hemiplegia, bells palsy, Parkinson’s, chorea, monologue, neuralgia, muscular pains.

Manjishtadi KashayamScabies, allergic dermatis, fistula, psoriasis, abscess.

Mahathikthakam KashayamEczema, pruritus, abscess, fistula, various types of dermatitis, diseases of eye stomatitis, hypothermia.

Marma KashayamPost traumatic aches, inflammations, oedema, sprains, traumatic back ache, all complications accompanied by marmabhighatham.

Nimbadi Kashayam  Spl.All types of abscess especially in tropic ulcers. All types of dermatitis, urticaria, pruritus, pimples, relapsing fever.

Panchathikthakam KashayamDermatitis, urticaria, pruritus, pyrexia, pimples, malaria, relapsing fever.

Pathyapunarnnavadi KashayamAll types of oedema, ascitis, hypertension, retention of urine, nephritis.

Padoladi KashyamAll types of dermatitis, leprosy, pimples.

Pathyakshadhatryadi KashayamSinusitis, migraine, chronic infections of ear nose and throat, allergic rhinitis, diseases of eye, nasal congestion, all types of head-ache.

Prasaranyadi KashayamMonologue, neuralgia, hemiplegia.

Rasnarandadi KashayamRheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical and lumbar spondylitis, arthralgia, myalgia.

Sapthasaram KashayamAbdominal colic, constipation, anorexia, dyspepsia, ascitis, dysmenorhhoea. Used in combination with powder of piper longum, asafetida, ghee.

Sukumaram KashayamAll types of uterine diseases, hernia, flatulence, ascitis, herpatosplenomegaly, irregular periods, dysmenorrhoea, sterility.

Sahacharadi KashayamAll types of rheumatic diseases especially which affects in the lower portion of the body.

Vidaryadi KashayamContinuous use of this will give health and stamina. Cardiac disorders, bronchitis, cough, general debility, tuberculosis.

Varunadi KashayamAll types of head ache, sinusitis, otitis, diseases of ear, nose and throat, tumours, rheumatic disease.


Name of Drug


AmaraghrithamA Specific and non-specific leucorrhoea, loss of appetite mental depression, insomnia, dysurea, burning sensation of abdomen and body, constipation. Improves general health and vitality.

BrahmighrithamPsychosis and epilepsy, psychosomatic disorders, mental disorder caused by evil spirits, insanity. Continuous use gives relief to skin diseases and sterility.

CharngaryadighrithamDrug of choice in sprue, peptic ulcer, chronic diarrhea, dysentery, amoebas, ulcerative colitis, recurrent fever, dysurea, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapsed.

DurvadighrithamExternal application in ulcers, with burning sensation, pricking pain. External application in eye.

GulguluthikthakaghrithamUsed in ear, nose and throat diseases. Anemia, cardiac diseases, distaste, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, sinusitis, rheumatic diseases, scabies, tumors, fistula.

IndukanthaghrithamIncrease body resistance to recurrent fever, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, and chronic respiratory diseases. Improves general immune mechanism.

JathyadighrithamExternal application only. Used in all types of ulcers, fistula, tropic ulcers, and acne.

KalyanaghrithamDisorders of brain, insanity, insomnia, promoting development of memory, physical and mental weakness, hoarseness, stammering, cough, diabetes, skin diseases, anorexia.

KaraskaraghrithamVery effective in rheumatoid arthritis with burning sensation and severe pain

MahathikthakaghrithamEczema, ruits, abscess, fistula, various types of dermatitis, diseases of eye, stomatitis, hypothermia. Very good blood purifier. Can be used foe external application in scabies and other skin diseases.

ghrithamEpilepsy, insanity, mental disorders, jaundice, anemia, chronic fevers, fistula, hemorrhoids, generalized oedema, ascitis.

MahathriphalaghrithamUsed in eye diseases.

PadoladighrithamDiseases of eye, ear and nose. Cataract, corneal opacity, conjunctivitis, abscess, scabies, stomatitis.

PanchagavyaghrithamEpilepsy, insanity, mental disturbances, jaundice, anemia, chronic fevers, fistula, hemorrhoids, generalized oedema, ascitis.

SaraswathaghrithamDisorders of brain, insomnia, insanity, improves memory power and intelligence.

SukumaraghrithamAnorexia, constipation, peptic diseases due to acidity, hernia, flatulence, ascitis, hepatosplenomegaly, irregular periods, sterility.

VarunadighrithamHead-ache, diseases of ear, nose and throat, obesity, oedema.

VidaryadigrithamUsed in post natal care, general debility.


Name of Drug


Arimedadi Enna

Diseases of gum and teeth. Used on head for bathing, applied on gums or Ashtangahridayam mouth wash.

Asnamanjishtadi Enna

Tooth ache, head ache, ear pain vitiated by ‘kapha’

Asanavilluadi Enna

Head ache, cooling effect to eye used for head  bath.

Balaguloochyadi Enna

Used for head bath in gout, head-ache and inflammation by water absorption in head

Balahatadi Enna

Recurrent attack of headache, gives sound sleep.

Balaswagandha Lakshadi Enna

Used in ‘thala’ (applied on vertex) for bronchitis and bronchiectsis. Used for ‘abhyanga’ (body message).

Chandanadi Enna (cheruthu)

External use for bath and ‘abhyanga’. Cooling, refrigerant, mild antiseptic.

Dhanwantharam Enna

All types of rheumatism, paralysis. Used for ‘abhyanga’ in antenatal and postnatal care. Head bath in trauma of head that leads to continuous headache.

Eladi Enna

Head bath in case of toothache, ear pain. External usage in scabies.

Karprasasthyadi Enna

All types of rheumatism. Head bath and external application of whole body. Paralysis, monologue, facial paralysis.

Kayathirumeni Enna cherutu

Post traumatic pain, oedema and burning sensation. All types of diseases in head. Gives sound sleep

Kayathirumeni Enna Valithu

For all diseases above neck due to injuries. For fracture, contusions, delirium, ear ache etc.

Kayonniadi Enna

Head ache due to vitiated pitha, eye diseases, and dental disorders.

Lekshmivilasam Enna

Coolness to head and eye. Gives sound sleep. Epilepsy, mental diseases.

Mahamashadi Enna

Hemiplegia, facial palsy, monoplefia, wasting of muscles, headache and all types of ENT diseases.

Mahanarayana Thailam

All types of rheumatic diseases, facial palsy, infertility, used in ‘rekthavatham’

Mashadi Enna

Hemiplegia, all types of rheumatic diseases. Head and body application.

Nagaradi Enna

Diseases in mouth and nose.

Kesamritham Enna

Coolness to head, promotes hair growth and prevent graying. Adds blackness and luster to hair.

Valia Amrithadi Enna

Eye diseases. This oil is antipitha and is used against headache and burning sensation in head and body.

Siddha Kayathirumeni Enna

Post traumatic above neck. Used in sprain, fracture, swooning. Used on head and body.

Neelibhringadi Enna

Promotes hair growth and prevents is graying, adds blackness and luster to hair besides cooling eyes and body

Siroreksha Thailam

Recurrent attack of cold, sneezing, head ache, rhinitis

Thriphaladi Enna

Eye diseases, for head bath

Vathasani Enna

All types of rheumatic diseases, deafness, fracture, joint pain.


Name of Drug


Agasthyar ThailamAll types of pain in body. Pain and oedema in knee joint, numbness, head ache, groin oedema, convulsions. Used in sever “Vatha” diseases.

AsavennaTraumatic complications, oedema, pain and burning sensation due to fracture. Wasting of joints and stiff joints.

BalathailamAll types of rheumatic diseases. Good for “Meha” diseases

Chinchadi KuzhambuAll types of rheumatic diseases, pain and burning sensation in joint.

Dhanwantharam KuzhambuFor rheumatic diseases especially for “Vathe and Vatha Kapha”. Good for ante natal and post natal care.

Karpuradi ThailamAll types of pain. Relieves pain immediately.

Karaskara ThailamOedema, burning sensation in joint, tonsillitis, filariasis.

Karpasasthyadi KuzhambuParalysis, monologue, Body bath

Kottamchukkadi KuzhambuAll types of rheumatic diseases, joint oedema, pain.

KayarajankthailamTraumatic pain, contusions, body pain, oedema, soothes body. Good in “thridoshas”

MahapindathailamAnti inflammatory, Ant microbial. For pains and burns.

MahavathanthakanAll types of rheumatic diseases.

MurivennaAll types of injury, fracture, dislocation, sprain and its complications.

PindathailamAnti-inflammatory, anti-microbial for pains. Reduce burning sensation.

Prabhanjana Vimardhanam KuzhambuParalysis, weakness of body, numbness, gout.

Prasarani KuzhambuMonologue, hemiplegia, facial paralysis.

Sahacharadi KuzhambuRheumatic affections of lower extremities, rheumatic chorea, Parkinson’s, neuralgia.

Sahacharadi Kuzhambu (Spl)Rheumatic affections of lower extremities, Rheumatic chorea, Parkinson’s,

ShashtikathailamMuscular wasting in polio myelitis, dystrophy, painful rheumatic affections

Siddhakayathirumeni ThailamPost traumatic diseases above neck. Used in sprain, fracture.

VathakodalithailamAll types of rheumatic disease. For paralysis, numbness, rheumatic pain.


Name of Drug


Ashtapathradi KeramAll types of head diseases, earache, ear secretions.

Balaguloochuadi KeramUsed in gout for head and body bath.

Balaswagandhalakshadi KeramCough, bronchitis, body bath, cooling eyes.

Chemparuthyadi KeramEczdema, scabies, cold in children.

Dentharaksha KeramTooth ache, gum ache

Dinesavalyadi KeramLeprosy, scabies, skin diseases, discoloration of skin, body bath.

Dhurthuradi KeramScabies in children, dandruff.

Durvadi KeramPromotes hair growth, dandruff in head, scabies.

Eladi KeramUsed in children for scabies, hyper pigmentation to skin.

Gopatmajadi KeramBurns, scabies, skin diseases.

Jathyadi KeramUlcers, logorrhea.

Kayonniadi KeramHead ache, eye diseases, cooling eye.

Nalpaamaradi KeramScabies, leprosy, skin diseases.

Neelibhringadi KeramPromotes hair growth and prevents its graying, add blackness and luster to hair.

Thriphaladi KeramEye diseases, ear diseases.

Vachalasunadi KeramPus in ear, ear pain.

Kesamrutha KeramSoothing, promotes the hair growth, prevents hair graying, add blackness and lustre to hair.

Thulaseeswarasadi KeramSecretions of mouth and nose, chronic sinusitis, removes dandruff.


Name of Drug


Balamritham AvanakkennaUmbilical pain, intestinal colic. Used as laxative

BalasarvangamRheumatic diseases and respiratory diseases. Epilepsy, paralysis, polio, tetany, whooping cough, bronchitis. Very effective for asthma in children which occurs every month around new moon day.

ChathlingathailamRheumatic, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, chorea, epilepsy, polio, delirium, spasmophilia, tetany, numbness.

ErandasukumaramFlatulence, intestinal colic, hernia. Used as laxative.

GandharvahastadierandamUsed in habitual constipation, sciatica, and lumbago. Impaired functioning of gastro-intestinal tract.

Karaskara thailamUsed in gout, burning sensation, pain and ulcers found in “rakthavatha”.

Kshirabala Avarthy-7
Kshirabala Avarthy-14
Kshirabala Avarthy-21
Kshirabala Avarthy-41
Kshirabala Avarthy-101Used in all diseases by vitiated “vatha”. Facial paralysis, hemiplegia, headache, migraine, ear pain, cataract, uterine disorders etc. increases potency by increasing “avarthy”.

Mahanarayana ThailamFor paralysis, facial paralysis. Good for gout and diabetes.

Nimbamrutadi ErandamGood for gout. Skin diseases and as laxative.

Nirgundyadi ErandamIntestinal colic, backache, pain in hip and legs due to “vatha”. Used as laxative.

Siddha BalapeeyooshamFor dermatitis, stomatitis, phlegmatic diseases, epigastria pain, intestinal colic, laxative.

VellarukuthailamEczema, scabies, ulcers, tropic ulcers, uterine ulcers, abscess, psoriasis. Purgative.


Name of Drug


AnrdrakudaramAbdominal colic, flatulence, inguinal hernia, constipation, hemorrhoids, ascitis.

ChandraprabhaAcute and chronic urinary tract infection, diabetes, leucorrhoea, gonorrhea, urinary calculi, polyurea, dysurea.

ChandanadivarthiPurulent infection of eye, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, trachoma, opthalmia neonatarum. Use externally as eye drops in combination with breast milk, rose water, honey etc.

DhanwantharamRespiratory tract infection, allergic and bronchial asthma, hiccough, cough, hyperacidity, indigestion.

GorovhanadiAll types of fevers, delirium and convulsion, in hyper pyrexia, epilepsy, facial paralysis, hemiplegia. Specially used for children.

GopichandanadiAll types of fevers, cough, bronchitis, delirium and convulsion in children

KaishoragulguluEczema, leprosy, chronic ulcers, fistula, sinuses, venereal diseases, gout, tonsillitis. Good antibiotic.

KaruthavattuHead ache, common cold

KrimishodhiniInfestation with round worms, pin worms particularly in children.

ManduravadakamIron deficiency, anemia, hookworm infestation, anorexia, leprosy, and diabetes.

Manasamithra vadakamPsychosomatic disorders, psychoneurotic disorders, anxiety, tension psychogenesis insomnia, loss of memory, epilepsy, psychosis, mood elevator.

SwasanandamAsthma, cough, bronchitis

SundarsanamAll types of fever, cough, bronchitis, anemia, cardiac diseases, jaundice, body pain

KasakulanthakanCough, bronchitis, bronchial, asthma

SuryaprabhaAll types of fever, cough, bronchitis

UramarunnuguilkaDiarrhea, vomiting, intestinal parasites, fever, cough, abdominal colic children)

VettumaranAll types of fevers, indigestion, abdominal colic, dysurea

VilluadiAll types of insect bites, snake and rat poisoning, food poisoning gastro, enteritis, dyspepsia, vomiting

VimalavarthyEye diseases, allergic inflammatory conditions, photophobia, keratitis, cataract

VyoshadivadakamChronic allergic rhinitis, eosinophilia, cough, asthma, dyspepsia

YogarajagulguluRheumatic arthritis, chronic ulcer, sprain and muscular spasms, skin diseases, rheumatic fever.


Name of Drug


Agasthyar Nasikachurnam

Headache, Sneezing, Common cold, Teeth ache


Indigestion, Abdominal Pain, Anorexia, Worms infestation

Aswagandhadi Churnam

Cough, intestinal parasites, Rheumatic Disorders, Anemia, Flatulence, Hemorrhoids, Distaste, Cardiac Disease

Avipathy Churnam

Jaundice, Poisoning


Dysentery, Sprue, Abdominal pain, Anorexia

Eladi Powder External)

Eczema, Allergic Dermatitis, Scabies, Uticaria

Gulgulupanchapalam --

Fistula, Skin Diseases, Leprosy, Sinus

Hinguvachandi Churnam

Flatulence, Indigestion, Anorexia, Abdominal pain Hiccup, Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea, dysentery

Jadamayadi Lepam (External)-- 

Arthritis, Gout and rheumatic fever, Swollen joints

Kachuradi Churnam (External)

Headache, Burning Sensation of Head, Fainting, Giddiness, Cold, Sinus, Asthma


Constipation, Flatulence, Ascitis, Anemia, Enlargement of Spleen, Hemorrhoids, Peptic Ulcer.

Karpuradi Churnam

Dry Cough, Bronchitis, Vomiting, Anorexia.

Kottamchukkadi Lepam --

Arthritis, Swollen Joints

Nagaradilepam (External) --

Traumatic Swelling, Arthritis


Teething sprue, Infantile Diarrhea, Vomiting, Jaundice.

Rasanadichurnam (External) --

Cold, Headache, Convulsions, Tooth powder

Bleeding of gums, cavities

Shaddharana Churnam --

Rheumatic Fever, Leprosy, Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Indigestion

Thalispathradi Churnam

Anorexia, Diarrhea, Cough, Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Diseases of Spleen, Heart Diseases


Dandruff, Itching and hair fall


Eye Diseases, Headache, Diabetes, Skin Diseases, Constipation


Name of Drug ---Indications

Anuthailam -- Used as nasal drops in all types of ear, nose and throat diseases.

Elaneer Kuzhambu -- Used regularly in eye diseases such as ulcerations, cataract, itching.

Kumkumadilepam -- Used in acne and black spots, after-shave lotion.

Manjishtadilepam -- Chill brain, infections of skin, ringworm infection, and fissures in soles.

RasothamadilepamEczema, scabies, fungal infection on skin, fissured feet.

 Hridayarenjini -- Sprain, muscular and joint pain, headache, insect bite, post traumatic inflammations, common cold, tonsillitis.



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