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Ayurveda Coach

What you will get -

Once you finish all the three grades submit assignments along with practicals you are trained to do therapies for your family, yourself. We provide certificate and memento after succussful completion of each grade.

Can I practice for clients -

Yes you can. If you have licence of massage therapist or spa therapists or aesthetist or any other medical degree of your country you can include Ayurveda therapies along with herbs, diet and life style schedule to your practice.

How much time it will take -

All grades may take one year and half approx if we go for 3-4 hours a week including holidays etc. Some students or groups opt for longer hours and want to finish early that can be considered as well.

Will I be able to do by myself -

After Grade one most of students know about body types

, relations to food and lifestyle along with weather . You will be able to make changes in diet according to body type and life style changes according to work and country preferences. We teach about basic herbs, spices and therapies.

After Grade 2 you will be able to know Ayurvedic oils, making basic oils with your own ingredients, planning individual diets, selecting and mixing essential oils and some therapies.

Grade 3 course is about deeper aspects of life which is important for mental health and giving a feeling of satisfied life with gratitude. syllabus is kept to understand other important aspects of yoga Ayurveda so students can give deeper meaningful assistance to clients.

Can I attend from distance -

In all our classes there is option to attend online and offline both as after covid these changes were mandatory. For practicals too its quite easy to attend and interact with online and offline students together.



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