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Air pollution at alarming levels

Air pollution is alarmingly increasing. Take care of these few points to keep yourself healthy and fit.

  1. Don't smoke in the house. Keep windows and doors closed particularly in evening.

  2. Vacuum clean the house. Don't keep too many things outside the cupboards.

  3. Remove unnecessary curtains, rugs, carpets or door mats. These things are responsible to trap and create more house hold air pollution.

  4. Any type of clutter, paper, plastics, try to keep in closed drawers or remove specially from bedrooms or resting areas.

  5. Bedroom should ideally have only bed and least of your necessary things and at least four plants.

  6. There can be two or three kind of pollutants. One is big particles of suspensions which can be filtered by any good quality air purifier. Others are chemicals in air, molds, fungus and nano particles.

  7. For improving air quality which is best for mind and lungs, plants are the only solution. No air purifiers or masks can replace that. Four healthy plants like palms, areca, zade, money plant or Succulents like aloe Vera, mother in laws tongue, snake plant and rubber plant are best indoor plants for a small room.

  8. Make sure that leaves of the plants remain very clean. Daily wiping with clean or wet cloth is mandatory to get benefit from plant. Neem oil or neem water can be used for watering plant to tackle mold or fungal issues. Sun light is very effective for plants health and infected air.

  9. For herbal support. Use anti pollution Nasay oil two drops in both nostrils once in day. Don't use drops on full stomach, stay indoors at least for one hours after instilling drops.

  10. Keep hydrated and don't use market prepared packaged food. As this time season is changing too, so viral infections flu etc. also very common. Tulsi, ginger and turmeric infusions or teas are very good to improve immunity.

  11. Trifala powder or anti pollution Immunity herbal powder is best thing to take once at night time. Also one can arrange for periodical detoxification.

  12. Don't go out on an empty stomach. Avoid going outdoors as much as possible. Cardiac patients, asthmatics and old age people should take extra precaution.

  13. Any type of excessive physical work should be avoided. Light stretching or yoga is recommended.

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