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YOG Pura Shatavri Ghrit

What is YOG Pura Shatavri ghrit, How YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit made by ayurvedic medicine school-ayurveda cooking school at Vedic Healers

Shatavari ghrit is cooked with YOG Pura Ghee which is prepared with traditional method of bilona using A2 Desi grass fed Cows milk only. In this ghrita shatavari Kalak along with shtavari kashay and milk is cooked.

Around 10 gms Shatavari Kalak 40 Gms of Ghrit, 80 ml of shatavari kashay and 80 ml of ksheer is used till ghee remains. YOG Pura shatavari ghrit is prepared under physical presence of Vaidya Meenakshi Joshi.

Why YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit is best ?

YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit is prepared by best of shatavari. Yellow shatavari which is collected from Himalyan state of Nepal is naturally grown best quality Shatavari roots. YOG Pura ghee is used which is highly recommended to prepare Ayurvedic Sidha Ghrita.

Indications for YOG Pura Shatavari Ghee

Best for male and female infertility, induces sleep, calms mind and stomach, helps in women with hormonal issues.

it is helpful in cystitis, urethritis, burning in urine, difficulty to pass urine.

For men its very good for progeny, in low sperm count, thin semen, less fluid and sexual exhaustion. Especially helpful in PME, erection issues, tired or exhaustion due to indulgence in sexual activities.

In females good for support of reproductive organs, hormonal balance, menstrual problems or infertility issues. Burning sensation in palms, head and stomach, irritation, acidity and other Pita disorders. For premenopausal women and menopausal women its very balancing.

People who do physical hard or gym or body building they can reap extra advantage by adding this ghrita.

For cancer patients too its very invigorating and building lost vital fluids of body it curbs dryness.

DoshaHelp– YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit helps Vata and Pita dosha. Improves all dhatus and nourish Shukra dahtu and Ojus. Vata and Pitta balances it cures. Avoid sour, salty and Pitta inducing food.


It has diuretic property, so in cases of water retention and edema this ghee is helpful. Very helpful in bleeding from nose ( epistaxis ). Provides very good nutrition to tissues, good for skin, antiaging, removes constipations too. Used in Colitis, dizziness, asthma, excessive thirst weakness.

It improves digestion. It stimulates digestive juices and increases lipase and amylase.

Mental Effects

YOG Pura Ghee is adaptogen for brain tissue activation. Shatavari enhances it. Its special effects are on stress hormones as it reduce production of stress hormones. Saponins and flavonoids in shatavri are especially helpful in making mind cool and calm happy. its soothing and calming for brain and hormonal problems.

YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit special effects on Females

YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit is used as female tonic, increases libido, moisten dryness of internal tissues, removes inflammations, increases ovulation. It helps in conception. Premenstrual issues, cramps, pain, Vaginismus, pain in uterus, infections and burning. Difficulty in urination, gonorrhea, calculus. Under developed breasts.

Studies have shown great result in restoring endometrial thickness of less than 7 mm. Studies proved 10 gms of Shatavari Ghrit in shaman doses empty stomach orally with 5gms of Bala churan twice a day for two months. Along with healthy regimen and Surya Namsakar. A study of Shatavari ghrit use in PCOS has proved best results in improvement of symptoms.

Study of a male patient have shown promising results in stabilizing HPO axis and manage Oligospermia. Less sexual desire, low motility and oliogozoospermia, after shodhan panchkarma treated with shatavari ghrit uttarbasti in seven sittings effects can be noted.

Study showing effect of shatavari ghrit in matra basti and erectile dysfunction 60 ml in matra basti.

Vajikarna and Rasayan yogas

YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit can used for Vajikaran and Rasayana purposes in healthy male and females. It can be used as Orally or by Matra Basti.

Shatavari ghrit in panchkarma

Netra trepan for dry eye syndrome or excess computer use or senile dryness

Tear deficiency, excessive tears, irritation, discomfort and dimness of vision, Netra tarpan can be used as therapy. Tarpan and ashchotna can be very helpful. Vataj netra roga, pittaj netra roga, shushak akshipak it is helpful.

Soreness and burning eye. Stinging and photophobia. Irregular corneal surface. In these kind of eye issues, Sushruta suggests jivaniya oshadh tarpanam. YOG Pura Shatwari ghrit is chakshushya and rasayana.

Uttar Basti In male and females

Its very effective to treat various kinds of infertility and sexual issues including endometrium, thinning of endometrium, PCOD and inflammations and vaginal pains.

In male too in various cases of sperm insufficiencies or defects it can be used orally and Utarbasti too.

Doses– one can take 10 to 15 ml of warm ghee with hot milk for 2-3 months with help of ayurvedic Vaidya. Shelf life two years from date of manufacturing. Use in 3-4 months after opening.

Pathya during shatavari ghrit intake-

Spices, tamarind, chillies, sour food, hing, chana (chick pea), vata and pitta aggravating factors should be avoided. One should follow Dincharya and Ritucharya and Satvic life.

Side effects–

Take with Vaidyas advice. Be careful if you are diabetic, hypertensive, cardiac or any other health condition like Indigestion or diarrhea. Pregnant and lactating women, obesity, children, should use with caution.

YOG Pura Shatavari Ghrit mimics estrogen. So one has to be careful as it can cause breast tenderness. So better to use carefully or select first half of menses.

Refrence from Sahsrayoga and Bhaishjay Ratnawali


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