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Frequetly asked questions 

Why Vedic Healers ?

Choosing Vedic Healers Clinic offers several unique advantages. As the oldest holistic healthcare platform, we specialize in diagnosing the underlying causes of chronic conditions and offering comprehensive solutions. Dr. Meenakshi Joshi, our lead practitioner, brings over thirty years of international experience to her practice. Our approach extends beyond traditional Ayurvedic methods; we focus on every aspect of the patient's journey, from the initial consultation through to continuous post-treatment care. Our dedication is to providing a holistic and integrative healthcare experience that prioritizes your overall well-being.

Do we accept walk in therapy requests ? 

At our establishment, we are both an Ayurved Panchakarma clinic and an educational institution. Our specialized Ayurvedic practitioners offer consultations for various ailments and lifestyle concerns. If Panchakarma therapies are deemed necessary, they are exclusively recommended by our doctors based on individual assessments. We focus on providing personalized care and maintain exclusivity by selecting a limited number of patients for treatments and therapies. Consequently, we do not accommodate walk-in requests for therapies or consultations to ensure the highest quality of service and attention for both our students and patients.

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